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Doing marketing is hard. Doing intentional marketing is even harder.

My goal with Marketing For Geeks is to help founders, marketers, and growth PMs make marketing easier and more sustainable. Growth and marketing should be repeatable and adaptable.

This is why every month(ish), I share actionable insights, tips, and strategies on Marketing For Geeks. These insights will include one interesting thing (a deep dive into a case study, marketing theory, or topic), three actionable insights you can implement in your product right away, and three pieces of marketing (anything from terrible design, great copy, intuitive features, and more) that I rate with 👍🏽 or 👎🏽.

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Over time, I will share exclusive access to some of my marketing playbooks, resources, and templates. For starters, when you subscribe, I will share my resource house where I collate great articles, playbooks, templates, courses, and tools that are useful to anyone who works in marketing, growth, or product.

About Me

I’m Lade Falobi, an eternally curious product marketer who has helped scale some amazing startups, including Flutterwave, Disha, Wicrypt, Motherboard, InvestNaija, and Corefans. Currently building ReleaseLog.io for SaaS PMs & PMMs.

I like to think of myself as a startup, which means that I make mistakes, learn from them, and make very quick iterations based on my learnings.

A couple years ago, I decided to document my learnings and so I created Marketing For Geeks as a personal diary of my experiences and growth. However, after I shared the first issue with a few friends, I realised that many of these experiences included actionable strategies that other marketers like myself could learn from.

I have taught some of these strategies to executives at Africa’s leading investment bank, young undergraduates interested in marketing, and fresh graduates trying to find their footing in growth and marketing in the startup space.

This newsletter is for you if you breathe marketing and want to grow and learn with a fast-rising startup (that’s me!). I love sharing ideas, debating theories, and learning new things, so please leave me comments or respond to my emails so we can geek out together.

Here’s to growth🥂.

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